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We are using Sour Hyaluronic Acid from some time, with excellent results for to filler the facial lines of expression.

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We are using Sour Hyaluronic Acid from some time, with excellent results for to filler the facial lines of expression. This aesthetic procedure, after the application of Botulinum toxin, is the second surgical more used in the world.  
The Acid Hyaluronic is a natural composition that is found in our skin, the function is retaining water allowing that skin stays moisturized; making it seems strong and healthy.  
With the cutaneous aging, this substance goes degrading, losing its function little by little, not being renewed by our organism, as consequence the appearance of wrinkles, volume loss and alterations of the facial outline.
To restore this substance and to return the lusty aspect of the skin, the Hyaluronic Sour is injected directly in the area, giving volume that has been depressed, correcting the wrinkles.  
Their use is not limited to the correction of cutaneous wrinkles, but also extremely effective for to modeling other facial structures, such as: 
NOSE: This technique is known as rhino modeled and indicated for patients with minimum deformities of the tip or nasal back and that are not able to or they don't want to submit a surgical treatment.  
CHIN AND CHEEKBONES: The deep injection of the product in these structures improvement the facial contour, harmonizing the proportions with the rest of the face. It is a temporary option instead use of facial implant. 
LIPS: Certainty it is a structure that is highly favored for this technique, because allows to give definition and volume, providing an aspect more juvenile and more attractive, as much in women as in men.
The procedures are accomplished out in clinic, needing only a topical anesthesia composed of a lidocaine gel, being perfectly tolerable. The result is immediate and the patient can appreciate its effect immediately.  
The duration of the Sour Hyaluronic varies between 9 and 12 months, being absorbed in a natural way by the body and not leaving residuals of any type. 
In spite of the big quantities of available fillers in the market, as much absorbable as not absorbable, the sour Hyaluronic is the most frequently used one. The fillers of the permanent type, as the PMMA can be associated to adverse and permanent effects, as the granulomas development.  
We have opted for this filler after many years making test with different products, due his completely pure synthetic origin, for not requiring allergy tests, their low index of reactions, their easiness application easiness and assimilation for the organism and his completely natural aspect. 
For your tranquility, we use sour Hyaluronic of the mark Surgiderm and Juviderm, in their varieties 18, 24 and 30, designed each one with reticulation technology 3D to adapt to the requirements of all our patients.  
Surgiderm and Juviderm are products of Allergan, having the certification of the FDA.  
The facial fillers and the use of the botulinum toxin are not substitute of the surgery, however sometimes they are complement, or, for themselves cause a very remarkable effect in patients that are not candidates to surgical procedure.