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Payment, Plans and Financing

Most of the medical insurances offer the covering of re-constructive surgeries, however, in the case of aesthetic surgery the costs are not covered, owing the patient to carry out the integral payment.

How much expensive the aesthetic surgery is?

It will be surprised to knowing that at the present time the costs of a cosmetic procedure are not high as in the past, when the access for this kind of surgery used to be allowing just for few people.   

We value each case in individual way before providing a value fee of the surgery.  

The total cost of the procedure will be the sum of: 

* Medical fees (It will be established after the first appointment).  

* Hospital expenses (we accomplished surgeries in several hospitals of the city, all certificates).  

* Inputs like prosthesis or fillers (All the implants are guaranteed of for life, giving the patients the pertinent documents regarding each case after the procedure).


1. – Payment in cash, one day before the surgery in the clinic, or, at the hospital where the administrative personnel will give you a corresponding receipt; it can be in pesos or dollars (in effective exchange rate). 

2.-by electronic transfer; CLABE or SWIFT, that should be concluded one day before the surgery.

3.-by check deposited in a fiscal bill, at least three days before the surgery.

4.-by payment with credit card at the clinic, one day before the surgery.  

We don't take personal checks at the same day of the procedure. 

The hospital expenses are liquidated directly at the hospital that you have chosen for the procedure. Some hospitals request for a deposit in bill in proportion of to each procedure, or then, to leave an open voucher; liquidating the total at the moment of the entrance. 

The cost with inputs (Fillers, Implant, band, etc.) should be liquidated at least 24 previous hours before the surgery, being in the clinic or directly to corresponding commercial house.

We remind that it is important to save deposit records, vouchers and invoice for any explanation that could arise. 

We also offer financing plans for  the  TOTAL COST OF THE SURGERY, until in  36 monthly parts,  with attractive  interest  rates  through:

SALUD FACIL. http://saludfacil.org