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1.  Which doctor is capable to carry out a plastic surgery?

Only certified specialists should carry out this procedure, members of the Mexican society of Plastic surgery (www.cirugiaplastica.org.mx), since they have the knowledge and necessary training to offer you a good result.

2. Do I need to carry out a plastic surgery?

You more than nobody can evaluate the necessity to carry out a plastic surgery. If something exists in your body that inconveniences you, and it can improve, discuss with a trust surgeon trust.  Together you will analyze the indication of carrying out a surgery. 

3. Where can I make a surgery?

Make sure of knowing the technical conditions and the security of the hospital, even so if it is evaluate by the Health Secretary for to work as such. Do not trust doctors that intend to carry out complex procedures in clinic or in rooms adapted. Clinics exist for plastic surgery, which offer security and a low index of hospital infections.

4. Should I operate where is cheaper?

Remember, you are not buying an electronic device where you can look in stores that offer the best price. The surgery is a complex procedure that involves the surgeon's experience, knowledge and the ability to get good results, besides a hospital and suitable materials to satisfy your expectations.

In the case of the plastic surgery, leave the price in second place. Try to carry out the surgery where you few trust. We offer a fair price in all our procedures, operating in specialized hospitals with maximum security. 

5. Does the plastic surgery leave scars?

All surgery leaves scars. The best technique, with all the possible care, will always leave a print. However, these are reduced and hide in a maximum way with the surgeon’s ability. In spite of this, the quality of these it will depend more of each patient’s individual factors (age, skin quality, and race).  

6. Does some risk exist of carrying out plastic surgery?

All surgery implies a risk. Sometimes, this risk is exaggerated by the media, when they disclose an accident with some famous person, without keeping in mind the thousands of surgeries that were carried out that same day in a successful way. Today, the appropriate patient's selection, the surgery carried out by hands qualified in a hospital center, they reduce the risk to the minimum. It can be affirmed that is more dangerous to walk in the streets that the risk of a procedure.

7. Is it possible to associate more than one surgery?

It is possible to associate surgeries of next regions as liposuction and abdomen, or abdominoplasty and breast surgery. In our practice it is habitual such a procedure, because it can reduce costs and times of recovery.  We only avoid to associate big surgeries to each other, or, of distant regions (for example face and abdomen). There are surgeries that we prefer to carry out separate, as butt implant.  Please, consult your doubts personally with our team.

8.  Which are the laboratory exams that need to accomplish my surgery?

It will depend on each patient. In a general way, the Mexican Norma Official (NOM) it marks us that for smaller than 45 years, and in absence of illnesses, it is enough a complete count blodd cells and some times of clotting.  

For bigger than 45, it will be necessary besides the previous exams, a sanguine chemistry, an electrocardiogram, a thorax x-ray and being valued by a medical internist or cardiologist to value the surgical risk. When some other type of illnesses exists, it will be necessary accomplish exams guided to verify the control before the surgery.

9. What kind of mammary implant we use?

We use only implant of silicon gel of highly cohesive, textured or recovered of polyurethane, round or anatomical, of the brands INAMED (MaGhan and CUI), MENTOR AND SILIMED, since they have the highest standards of quality and they guarantee their products for life against defects of production. 

10. Which are the differences between an implant mammary and another?

They can be in the surface or the form. Each implants it is chosen in way individualized to satisfy the necessities of each patient's expectations. 

11. What methods are used to increase the buttocks?

There are only two methods that offer you security and stability of results for such ends: The placement of butt implant or increase with fatty (from the patient) by Liposculpture. There is not "miraculous injections" that many times the charlatans offer looking for an economic lucre without care of life and security;  injecting substances like oils or silicones, causing sequels that cannot be corrected satisfactorily in a great percentage; and  in some cases causing to the death.