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Recommendations and Advice for your surgery

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Recommendations and Advice for your surgery

We want firmly that the experience of submitting to a procedure to improve your look be pleasant and without setbacks. We have been elaborating the following indications that we suggest you to assist for to reach the objectives: 


• “DON’T OMIT during the consultation to comment with your surgeon any disease, use of substances or medication that it is taking or has taken in the 15 previous days to the date of your surgery. Especially ACETIL SOUR avoids SALICÍLICO or medications that contain it (aspirin, ascriptin, bufferin, etc.), as well as VITAMIN "E". Don't forget to mention if takes antidepressants or medications to sleep. 

• AVOID taking medicine for to lose weight, at least 7 days before the surgery. 

• DON'T SMOKE at least during 15 to 21 previous days to any surgical procedure, as well as the two following later weeks to the same one. Procedures like the facial lifting, Abdominoplasty or breast reduction, we prefer not to carry out if this condition is not completed follow, because of the high risk of complications. 

The day of admitted to the hospital

• Be on time for to your entrance at the hospital. Your punctuality is very important for to begin the surgical procedure at the conventional hour and to finish at the preview schedule.

• Don’t bring value with you.  Leave at home jewelers, clocks or values. 

• Bring comfortable and ample clothes; it makes you feel comfortable and practical to dress and to remove.   

• Don’t put makeup even on makeup in the fingernails. It can take a bath before one day or the same day on morning. Try do not erase completely the existing cover that the surgeon made previously. 

• If your surgery is schedule for on morning, make a small dinner and keep TOTAL FAST (don’t drink even water) starting from the midnight. If the procedure will carry out at noon or on afternoon, keep fast of solids starting from the midnight of one day before, and that day in the morning you can take juice or tea, without solids, up to 08:00 o'clock AM. 

• If you have any doubt, please contact me directly or any member of our staff.