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Important Considerations

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Important Considerations

Choosing the correct professional

To choose a graduate plastic surgeon allows having a larger safety that you are putting your body in good hands.       

A plastic surgeon studies the doctor surgeon’s career (some also know it as General Doctor), later from 3 to 4 years of General Surgery and finally 3 years of Plastic Surgery.

The doctor, after practically to live in hospitals during those years, will request at the end of his specialization, the certification of their professional capacity to Mexican Council of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics and Reconstructive, formed mainly by professors of graduate degree courses in this specialty, and for it presents a written exam and oral of high grade of difficulty to ratify his knowledge.

Once certified, the surgeon follows getting ready in his specialty with courses, congress, etc. so much national as internationally.

A plastic certified surgeon has professional formation that provides to the patient great quality assistance.

No other specialty can offer him a specialized and safe service, distrust of who affirms that is only aesthetic surgeon.

The best way to avoid unnecessary complications and to obtain a good result is to put on in a graduate plastic surgeon's hands.

Your expectations and ours


Our objective is that you see yourself as well as it is possible. However exist several limitations that impede miraculous changes (condition of the skin, age, hereditary influence or hormonal, bony conformation) for that your change of expectations should be realistic.


Not all the people are same. We respond in a different way to the surgical processes and of scaring.  The duration or the intensity of the inflammation of the same procedure can vary from person to person.


All surgery leaves scars. Our paper is to leave these scars in a natural line of the skin, where they are less perceptible. The process and the final quality of the scar depend in great percentage of each patient's organism. 


After the surgery generally takes a period of inflammation or bruises. Sometimes these not motivate the patient before the expectation of the result. However this stage happens relatively quickly and the changes are much better appreciated.


In spite of the scarce complications, nobody it is exempt of them and in the case of having some, we will follow you until the complete resolution, looking after your peacefulness and the result of the procedure.

Our surgeries are carried out in operating room equipped according to the magnitude of our procedures, and in certified hospitals for the health secretary.  


Before any doubt about the procedure, I beg you to comment it personally with me or our personnel. Sometimes the comments of friends, known or media publishes media are not reliable source of information.