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Our Philosophy

We want to have the best result aesthetic for you; however, we always prioritized the interest in protecting your life your health.

Each patient is assisted in a completely personalized way, given the corporal conditions, expectations and surgical necessities are totally different, inclusive among individuals that want the same procedure.  

We offer an integral valuation as much of the clinical point of view as the laboratory results. Our objective is to offer the appropriate procedure that is the most appropriate to achieve the wanted change, always in the safest way for you, for that which we lean on in laboratory studies or well, in values on the part of other specialists (for example, cardiologists, internists, pulmonologist), everything for to reduce the maximum any risk that could commit your life, health or the surgery result. 

We inform the patient in truthful way of the reach of each surgical technique, their benefits, limitations and risks, as well as of other treatments that could be optional, giving him the complete freedom of opting to submit or not to the procedure. We believe firmly that each decision should be made in a free way under real and concise information.

Even that our intention is of the best result it is achieved, we don't promise miraculous changes since factors that cannot be changed exist, for example: the bony structures, elasticity of the skin, genetic factors, etc.

We carry out surgeries in appropriate and certified places and properly equipped according to the procedure. 

The care of our patients doesn't finish after having finished the surgery, in fact, it begins. 

Our work is guided to achieve the beauty, under a proportion rule and symmetry, coming closer so much to the perfection as the patient's conditions, our capacities and those of our techniques allow it. The corporal beauty, when combine with the internal perfection it is one of the biggest experiences that we can attend in this life, and before which the human beings succumb.