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•Native of Guanajuato, Gto, where he studied the basic, intermediate and half of superior education.   


•Graduated from:  Medicine  School  of  León, Guanajuato  University among  1989-1994, as   licenced  physician.


Post Graduation Education

•Carried out Rotatory intership in the Regional General Hospital SSA León, Gto.


•Carried out social Service in Cañada of Busts, Guanajuato, Gto.

•Thesis "APACHE III: Studied comparative among that reported and to find in Intensive therapy", which deserved the 2do state place in clinical Investigation in health, 1995. 


•Carried out 3 years of specialty General Surgery in the General Hospital of West, SSA, Zapopan, Jalisco among 1996-1999.


•Graduated of the Institute Jalisciense of Reconstructive surgery "José Guerrerosantos" where carried out of 1999-2002 Plastic Surgeon's specialty and Reconstructive.  Became  the chief residents during the last year.


• Performed an aesthetic plastic surgery  fellowship in  the Clinical Fluminense Plastic Surgery, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the year of the 2002, under the guides of the Doctors Liacyr Ribeiro, Ronaldo Pontes and Ramil Sinder.



•Certified By the Board of Mexican Society of Plastic , Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery  in a year 2002.  


•Re-certified by  the same board in the 2007 and 2012


•Attended several congresses of the specialty, so much national as foreigners. 


•At the moment dedicated to the private practice of the Plastic surgery. 

  • English, spanish, french  and portuguese spoken.



•Member of the Society of Residents and ex-residents of the Institute Jalisciense of Surgery Reconstructive.

•Regular Member of the Mexican Society of Plastic Surgery.

•Regular Member of the federation Iberolatinoamericana of plastic surgery (IPRAS).