Mole Removal (Nevus Removal)


Mole Removal (Nevus Removal)

Several benign lesions exist in the skin that you highlight for their frequency: Warts, freckles, nevus (lunar), sebaceous cysts, lipomas, etc.  

These lesions are susceptible of being moved away by means of several methods: Electro coagulation, drying, surgical excision, cauterization, etc. 

It is concrete that nevus are benign cutaneous lesions pigmented, which originate of the melanoma, the cells that give color to the skin.

Many of them are removed because of the adverse aesthetic effect cause, especially at the face. Most is possible to dry up by of a simple surgery, accomplish out in a clinic with a local anesthesia and in a period of very brief recovery. 

Cases will exist due to the size of the lesions, are necessary to use of implants or grafts, or dry up the lesions in several surgical times to eliminate the lesion completely. 

In the situations of diagnostic doubt, we accomplished the exam anatomo-pathological of the part to discard malign processes.