Scar Correction


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The behavior of the scars is unexpected, independently if the wound that originates them is traumatic or surgical. 

There are  several factors that can influence in the final quality of the scar, among them the size and depth of the wound, the place where is located, the thickness and color of the skin, genetic factors and the local of the scar. 

No scar is susceptible of being "erased". We have techniques that allow to modify, in order to improve the appearance, making it less perceptible. 

The scaring process is dynamic, what means that the appearance of the scar will modify with the step of the time. Sometimes the treatment with topical injections of steroids alleviates nuisances like sensation of tightness and itch, besides improving the aspect allowing us to wait until one year before opting for some surgical decision. 

Several types of scars that are abnormal exist and they deserve special considerations: 

KELOID SCAR: Are red or violated, hard,  spread to grow more them the original limits of the wound, in occasions they cause nuisances like pain or itch, they can appear in any part of the body, however they are more common in thorax, shoulders and lobes of the ear. Their treatment is not simple; it involves the combination of several therapies, as surgical resection, infiltration of steroids and uses of compression garments, to try to diminish the relapse.  

HYPERTROPHYC SCAR: These are sometimes confused with keloids, because they are red and thick, however there are limited to the borders of the original wound and they spread to improve with the time, they sometimes need help by means of local steroids. If the conservative treatment doesn't offer the wanted results, they can be dried up and to suture again, applying steroids from the same surgery. 

SCAR WITH CONTRACTURE: These they are generally located in areas of pleats, and when the local of the wound is perpendicular to the lines of natural flexion. In these cases we appeal to technical of change the local of scars (Z-plasty or W-plasty), implants or torn pieces. 

In any type procedure it will be of vital importance to follow the indications that we will provide. As all repair process, the scar will be able to at the beginning to seem worse, however don't despair; the final results can take up to two years.