Mamary Reconstruction (Mammaplasty)

Typically, breast reconstruction takes place during or soon after mastectomy, and in some cases, lumpectomy. Breast reconstruction also can be done many months or even years after mastectomy or lumpectomy. During reconstruction, a plastic surgeon creates a breast shape using an artificial implant (implant reconstruction), a flap of tissue from another place on your body (autologous reconstruction), or both.

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The breasts are extremely important structures in a feminine beauty. They constitute a reason of attention and of care. The psychological suffering because loss an or both mammas can be minimized if the patient knows that reconstruction possibility exists, that which will contribute to recover its corporal self image and to achieve a better quality of life. 

The reconstruction of breast it is a procedure destined to restore the volume and form of them after mastectomy. We have used diverse techniques for this end. The election of the procedure will depend on several factors: characteristic of tumor, the patient's desires, and local conditions of the mastectomy area. The reconstruction can be immediate or later. 

ANESTHESIA: We carry out the low procedure generally with regional anesthetizes (blockade) and sedation, or a lower general anesthetizes. 

SURGERY: It will depend on several factors. It can be using the cutaneous expansors), placement of implant, rotation of flaps of the back or abdomen. In most of the cases several surgical time are request. 

DURATION: Depending on each technique from 1 to 5 hours.  

HOSPITALIZATION: From one to three days, according to each procedure. 

POSTOPERATIVE CARES: Use a special support for at least six weeks, to avoid movements with the arms for 7 days, not to carry out physical exercise until after the first month. The particular cares will depend especially on each procedure. 

RECOVERY: From one to three weeks. 

FINAL RESULT: Depending on the procedure, of three months to two years.