Post-Motherhood surgery

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, your body might not return to the way you like it. Even with regular exercise and a good diet, there can be permanent changes in your appearance that reduce your confidence for returning to fashion clothes, especially swimwear. There are many plastic surgery solutions for women after pregnancy

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Breast Augmentation

One of the dilemmas that the new mother finds it is to give or not maternal nursing to his baby. A lot of mothers think that to breastfeed his baby will make to lose the form of their breast. The truth is that the nursing is not the guilty and offers important benefits of health for the babies and for the mother. 

In fact the changes in the breast happen during the pregnancy, as the body gets ready for to nurture the baby, the mammary glands inflamed and replace the fatty fabric. After the childbirth the glands contract (reduce).

As consequence, the wrapper of the mama’s skin it is a little reduced for fill and the mamma’s appearance is emptier and fall. This loss of volume can be corrected by techniques of Breast Augmentation.


In some women the breast size increases so much during the pregnancy that is normal to loss volume after the childbirth and goes accompanied by a severe loss of elasticity of the skin, with the fall of the breast as a consequence. The Mastopexy is a surgical technique dedicated to recover the form and stability to the breast. 


In any part of the body the pregnancy leaves more sequels than in the abdomen. He has been his son's house during nine months. The appearance of grooves and the loss of elasticity in the skin can frustrate and depress the woman that has passed great part of the life taking care of her body. On the other hand it is not uncommon that the abdominal muscles being separate during the pregnancy and that they are not able unite again. 

The exact cause of the grooves still not clear, but it is suggested that it could be a type of scar in the dermis. This process is not only owed to that the skin has been loosened during the pregnancy, increased by the hormonal characteristic alterations of the same one. 

The abdominoplasty is a technique dedicated to eliminate the spare skin and fatty, especially below the navel, to tighten and to unite the muscles of the abdomen. When eliminating this skin they also improve great part of the grooves. In some cases they can be carried out denominated less extensive procedures mini-abdominoplasty whose results are more successful if it fits.