Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

Reduction Mammoplasty is a procedure in which a volumetric reduction of the breast is done. In the process it also improves the shape of the breast and repositions the nipple areola complex.

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty) See gallery

Many women with excessively big breasts refer to problems, not just aesthetic, even functional, as neck and back pain, irritations or infection of the skin, breathing problems or difficulty to get dressed.

The reduction of the breasts is a procedure designed to eliminate fatty fabric, gland and skin in order to obtain a smaller and soft mammary, adapting to each patient's corporal proportions. 

The number of incisions will depend on each individual case. For simple cases, sometimes an incision around the areola it is enough, more severe cases can need a vertical incision or in the furrow sub mammary. 

ANESTHESIA: Generally we carry out the procedure with a regional anesthesia (blockade) and sedation, or local anesthesia and. 

SURGERY: Through mammary incisions, dried up the skin, gland and necessary fat. The complex areola nipple is lifted till the most convenient position. The drainage is put and will be removed around to the third day.

DURATION: Approximately three and a half hours. 


POSTOPERATIVE CARES: the use of a special support for at least six weeks is necessary. Avoid movements with arms for 7 days, and not to carry out physical exercise until after the first month. 

RECOVERY: It can be reestablished to their normal activities approximately seven later days to the procedure. 

FINAL RESULT: It can take around of twelve weeks.