Male Pectoral Implants

Male pectoral implants are designed to define and shape the chest area. In men who cannot achieve desired results through exercise, the surgery can give the existing muscles a toned, enhanced look. For patients with congenital defects or loss of muscle in an accident or injury, the pectoral implant procedure can often reproduce a natural and symmetrical chest.

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Pectoral implants are designed to help sculpt the chest area and provide definition.

Thanks to the surgery of pectoral implant, you don't need to be a physical bodybuilder to be able to have some good chest volume and that it is look that you worked with exercises or weights, giving a fortress image of strength and manliness. 

SURGERY: A small incision of approximately about 4 centimeters is carried out at level of the armpits. Through this road the surgeon will place the implant immediately from behind of the pectoral muscle. 

ANESTHESIA: The procedure is carried out with blockade epidural and sedation; or, with local anesthesia and sedation. 

IMPLANT: They are manufactured with silicon; their consistency is soft and light, but they offer the stability of a well developed muscle. The pectoral implants come in several sizes to the likes or necessities of each patient. They are covered for a guarantee of life against flat or rupture. 

DURATION: The intervention can last among an hour and a half at two and a half hours. A bandage compressive type belts will be placed to maintain the implants in established place impeding that they move.  

HOSPITALIZATION: Some hours to a day of hospital stay. 

POSTOPERATIVE CARES: The compression belt will be used later to the surgery, however this doesn't disable the patient to develop the daily activities. 

RECOVERY: It is difficult to determine exactly in how many days the patient will recover completely. Those people that have works with little physical activity, for example office work or where be sat down for a lot of time, can return to this in 4 to 5 days. Those that have works with more activity will have a relative rest of at least 10 days. If you carry out exercises, have to wait at least 1 month for to be able to return. 

FINAL RESULTS: These they are reached approximately between the week 6 and 12 after the surgery, when the inflammation disappeared completely.